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Mr. M.

We met over AIM, accident of course. Your SN was 1 letter different than my friend Lisa's. But the moment I said Hello to you, My heart was in my throat. You introduced me to "alternative Rock" wich I dearly love now. (because YOU loved it) And you said You had no one to love you. I love you. I wanted to shout it. SCREAM it. you dont know how many times ive typed out"I love you you idiot" and then deleted it. Then you got your girlfriend. Same first and middle name as me. Yesterday I told you I like you. But in reality I LOVE YOU. you said "thats okay" And you didnt say the 4 words I needed to hear. Weve talked for 2 years. And I think it might be time for me to block you and be done with you.

If you love me, I know youre reading, IM me. I always IM you. I need you. And you saved my life.
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